Organization Description

Terra began in 1971 as a small group of young moms who wanted more for themselves and their children. They were determined to complete their high school education striving for a more promising future. These young women were the drivers behind MOVE – The Association for Assistance to Unwed Mothers being established. This was the first step towards shaping Terra’s pregnancy centre as it is today. In these early years the mission was entirely focused on high school completion and providing counselling services while encouraging young moms to support each other. In 1974, the name of the organization was changed to Terra –Meeting the Challenge of Teen Pregnancy. At about that time, approximately 100 young moms in were being served and more teachers and social work staff were needed. New funding from United Way and Health Canada (Public Health Agency of Canada) brought new opportunities to grow and meet more needs of young parents. Today, Terra provides support, services, and necessities to 1,000 moms, dads and children each year. We have 65 employees located at three different sites that allow us to offer a diverse range of programs at no cost to young families thanks to committed funders and donors.