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Organization Description

Sagesse empowers people of all backgrounds to disrupt structures of abuse through curating environments for people to heal and lead safe, healthy lives. With innovation as our programming cornerstone, Sagesse works for anyone who has experienced domestic abuse, including people who are at risk of being abused, informally support others, or are involved in sex work. We work in communities across Alberta – either directly providing service or partnering with agencies to deliver programs on our behalf. We are the backbone agency for Alberta’s provincial IMPACT initiative. In the role of backbone, our job is to steward the creation of a vision and strategy for our collective impact initiatives, mobilizing largescale change and advancing policy to eradicate domestic and sexual abuse. Our social enterprise arm, ByDesign, is a hub of knowledge, experience, and innovation with an aim to disrupt norms, dispel disbelief, and deepen societal impact. Revenue from ByDesign is invested in Sagesse’s programs and services.

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