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Canadian Condominium Institute – North Alberta Chapter

Organization Description

The mission of the “Canadian Condominium Institute/Institut canadien des condominiums” (CCI), a non-profit corporation, is to promote the interest of groups involved in condominiums across Canada including unit owners, boards of directors, managers, governmental authorities, lenders, and others. CCI will achieve this mission by providing leadership and expertise in matters related to the condominium industry, including: Providing education through seminars, lectures, courses and conventions, and enhancing the development and understanding of condominiums; Printing and publishing newsletters, books and periodicals; Improving communications with the public concerning condominium matters; Representing condominium interests to all levels of government; Developing and maintaining contact with similar associations, locally, nationally, and internationally in order to exchange information for the mutual benefit of all groups involved in condominiums; Promoting integrity and professionalism throughout the condominium industry; and Granting certificates of accreditation designating to the general public and to other practitioners within the condominium industry that certain professionals have met and maintained the established standards of CCI.

Latest Job Posting

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