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Organization Description

Since its inception in 2009, Alberta Rural Development Network (ARDN) has been committed to addressing key issues in rural communities at a local level. It started with a finite fund to distribute to grassroots projects across the province, and has since grown into a key resource for rural communities on issues that are generally under-addressed. ARDN’s initiatives are dedicated to preventing and ending homelessness, supporting communities in addressing their need for affordable housing, rural immigration, and substance use awareness. ARDN also works in other areas and is always exploring new opportunities to support rural communities. ARDN’s approach is founded on supporting communities in their efforts to address social issues. They listen, hear what the community’s needs are, and provide support by developing solutions with them, knowing each community is unique and requires a tailored approach. In addition, a key aspect of ARDN’s work is supporting communities in actually implementing the proposed solutions by providing capacity and expertise. All too often projects are started, but stall without the right tools, capacity, and expertise needed to become a reality; ARDN is committed to filling this gap.

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